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The only positive I can see with the mess in South Dakota is at least we have the internet to provide women with information. Of course all that nanny software will probably be acting quickly to block those sites. It's a scary world out there. Makes me glad that I have boys.

Beautiful picture by the way.


Makes me glad that I'm due for The Change any year now. And that I don't live in fucking South Dakota.


Wow, that's a great piece. It reminds me a bit of that kid's book "All the Pretty Little Horses" that I loved so much when I was young. From the 70's, maybe... great, detailed illustrations of all sorts of flowers and grasses and weeds like that, with horses running over them, seen from below, as if from a bug's eye view. But yours is with a quite heavier twist of course... very nice.


Heavy. And beautiful. Well done.


BRAVO Kipling! I'm glad you finally got around to doing this. I remember you telling me about it a few years ago. Seems you waited for the right time to bring it into existence. A beautifully rendered illustration for a very unbeautiful situation in South Dakota


I must credit Miss Malice for the inspiration:


Beautiful pen work, Mrs. Crowquill. What a great variety of shades of gray, something that is also illegal in South Dakota, where there is only black and white. Someday, after we've left these dark ages and inquisitors behind, let's hope we can look back and laugh.

Wild Rose

The situation is getting frightening down here...spinning out of control. Scares the shit of me. Hope you continue to produce more thoughtful and well-executed art on this topic, and it receives well-deserved attention.


Nicely done!


More info on this crazy situation, and women who are fighting it:

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