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Okay, what exactly is going down on Cloris Leachman's birthday?

And thank God somebody's givin' props to Captain S. and Max. Yaawwr.

Private Sensible

Oh good heavens. FRAU BLEUCHER!!!!!! Horses freaking out!

Hey man, it's no fun if *everyone* gets it.


Rod considered that, but then we thought the horses might be doing it


Man, your calendars really cheer me up!

Miss Cellania

The calendar is awesome, but how did these people get so OLD? How did I get so OLD?


Well...maybe the horses ARE doing it. I actually hadn't thought of that. Thanks! I think.
Max von Sydow...a long and illustrious career, and I draw him as Ming. I know I'm going to hell.
Getting old...I know. WTF? The worst thing about getting old is watching horrible trends you hated the first time (like, oh, 70's fashion and hairstyles) coming back with a vengeance. Good god, people. Brown polyester will never, ever be attractive, no matter how perfect the body beneath it.


You know, you could have drawn Liz Taylor in place of Robert Smith and no one would have noticed the difference.

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