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Rochelle Rochelle

Wow. These are amazing. My fundie evangelical mom & sis would looove that thing, but it scares the everliving shit out of me. And I'm trying right now to decide kids-or-no-kids, so ... scales just tipped a little in favor of "no" just now. Ugh.


While i will always respect one's desire NOT to have a child. I will NEVER understand my siblings who dont want to have a child but will keep on bugging me to see my son who is only 4. If my siblings are adamant on not having a child, then that siblings should not have any desire to develop a relationship to my son. I am now keeping my son from my siblings. BTW, they are also married. (My parents are still alive and married.) Neither of them has a child. But they keep on bugging me to see my son. Conclusion: the number is not healthy, and unbalanced. Right now my spouse and I are planning to move out-of-state as soon as I find a job there, in order to get away from the unhealthy environment. So, for people who want to be child-free, sometimes, i believe, some of them are not entirely honest with themselves.


Wait...your siblings don't want to have kids and therefore should not have a desire to develop a relationship with your kid...what? Maybe your kid is really cute and charming, maybe your siblings think the idea of family is important, maybe they just honestly like the little bugger. Childfree means people who love kids but don't want their own, or people who are utterly indifferent to kids, or people who loathe kids...or half a million variations of all these feelings, depending on the day and the situation. Your son is lucky to have aunts and/or uncles who care about him, how on earth is that a bad thing?

And since this bingo card is getting several hundred views a week, for all you lurkers, let me point out something I've noticed on all the childfree boards and newsgroups and mailing lists I've been on over the past decade or so; most childfree people are smart enough to put the blame for obnoxious behavior in children directly where it belongs: on the PARENTS.


Wait a second--your siblings don't want children of their own, so therefore they should be lousy aunts and uncles and ignore your kid? What kind of logic is that? I myself love children but don't want any of my own for various reasons, both health-related and ethical, and the implication that I should be denied relationships with young members of my family because of it is insulting.


Do you by any chance know the name of that typeface? I've been looking for it. Thanks!
And this card cracks me up.


Erin sez: I think it's either rollergirls or pussycat. Send them to to find it or similar ones.


I don't care if people don't have children, I think if they hate kids that's great that they don't have any. I don't want anything to do with other peoples' reproduction habits, ew.

Just don't call me a cow, breeder or try to hurt my child. Just last night a car swerved on purpose to try and kill my son and I.

Leave people alone. Live your own life.


I live in southern CA, near several fire zones. A child started the Buckweed (also known as Aqua Dulce) fire that destroyed 38, 000 acres and several homes. A child playing with matches on a windy day, 10 yr old son of a ranch hand. Has that suck into people? Not at all! All I hear from parents, mind you, is what a tragedy for the KID and parents to live with that!!! How about all the people that lost their HOMES due to this little brat and parental irresponsibility!!! Parents for the most part in my opinion are beyond disgusting--and this just takes the cake. As a sidenote, these parents are too poor to pay back a dime of the damage their brat caused and no charges of any kind have been filed!! Would a childfree person get off the hook like that?


Ha Ha!! I love it, this is genius. I could win this game hands-down.
I've heard every single phrase on here and KEEP hearing doubt until I die (child-free of course!)


Whoaaa... Withholding your son from your siblings because they want to see him (but don't want their own) is UNHEALTHY?!
I think you need a mental check there, honey.

I don't want children of my own (for multiple reasons), but I absolutely ADORE my two nieces, and would go to the end of the earth for them. And they absolutely love me back.

To remove your son from people that genuinely love and care about him is not healthy, and I guarantee that he will grow up to resent you, because you limited him from getting to know his family.

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