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WOW! Congrats! I love this mag! I thought of submitting something this year myself but chickened out. Great job Kamala -you deserve it; it's a fabulous piece!

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

You are so cool. I hope they have a party and you can meet all these guys!!! This is one of my fave KDK pieces, I'm glad it's going to be up in the stratosphere with all the heavy hitters.

I met the Dillons once at a book signing in Seattle; they are very nice people and insanely talented.


dangnabbit girl, your work is so breathtaking!


Very nice work, KDK. Beautiful soft tones. I can't figure if it's love or some territorial stand-off. Maybe both. Congrats on getting into Spectrum.

Viper Tetsu

This is just beautiful. Period.

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