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Chuck U. Farley

Good lord, imagine caring enough about Cameron Diaz to make her the center of a nutty conspiracy...or whatever is going on there.
My favorite conspiracy theory this week: the Bird Flu isn't nearly as major as the media has made it out to be, but Dick Cheney owns a big chunk of the pharmaceutical companies who stand to gain a LOT from "bird flu vaccines" so...
As the guy who told me that one said, it used to be that crazy conspiracies were just something for crazy people, but these days what's REALLY going on is so much weirder than the theories!


Well, everyone knows Dick Cheney is really an Illuminati Reptilian who is hell bent on erasing humankind from the planet so he and his ilk can take over the Earth.


WHO TOLD YOU!?!? Fine.. cats out of the bag.. I'm getting Cheney, a six pack of Odouls and we're hittin the high road back to Azmodiar 4.

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