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I was in Regina once (twice, if I count a just-passin'-through ride on the Trans-Continental from Toronto to Edmonton in the sizzling summer of '74!), and the only thing I remember is a place called the Hillbilly Vac-Shack. It was (is?) a used vacuum parts place with a stuffed gorilla suit in a cage hanging above the entrance. Magic.


That's pretty much the grand tour. That, and "Gopher Gas." Weee-doggy.

Miss Cellania

All it took was the word "yippers" to make me laugh.

Chi Chi Monkey

This is a great write-up. Bagley talks about Hillbilly Vac Shack ALL THE TIME.


One other cool-ish thing about Regina: After it got pretty much wiped off the map by a tornado back on July 31 of 1912, Boris Karloff helped clean up the mess. He was working there at the time as an actor in a theatrical troupe known as the Jean Russel Players.


I actually witnessed and was in the middle of a fairly severe twister in Regina about 1981 or so. Watched it forming over the fields on the outskirts of the new, treeless housing development my cousin lived in, then as it gathered steam and twisted right into town, blowing roofs apart and picking up tool sheds and kiddie swimming pools. Everyone else hustled it screaming into the basement, but my cousin Doug and I had to watch the fun. Then Peter Cushing came along and helped us clean up.

Allen Busch

It's odd for me to see so many people talking about the Hillbilly Vac Shack.
I went to school with the guy who started the Vac Shack. He told me a very interesting story as to how it got started.
If I remember his story, he was without a job, and down to his last few dollars, and a young daughter to provide for.
He had tried everything, including selling door to door, but nothing seemed to work for him.
One day, he found an old vacuum cleaner, took it home, fixed it up, and sold it for a profit. He went out, bought another old one, fixed it, sold it, and the rest is as we say, history.
If you knew this enterprising person as I do, you would appreciate the Gorilla to it's full extent. He is an awsome guy, with more tallent than you can imagine.
I'm glad so many people have fond memories of his little Vac Shack.


I love the hillbilly vac shack!

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