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Beautiful piece Bob, and good luck with the show!


Nice work, sir. I could look at this for a long interval.


Wow! No wonder your fingers fell off (the story was all over the papers out our way)!


We're cranking on nibs the old-fashioned way, and there should be a lot of neat-o stuff on the walls. The show made it on the Fantagraphics Blog, with some nice remarks from Eric Reynolds, as well as a sketchbook page you may remember from this Seven Deadly Sinners website. Check it out:


I wish I could go. Some of my favorite artists will be in that show! Say hi to Roberta for me!


Bet THAT nib is nicely broken in now. I was just thinking about the old nibs that I got from an animation studio. They were all flexable and could draw any line.


That nib is broken in, all right. Holy smokes. A few of us went out the other night and saw a screening of "Art School Confidential." It was okay, but not nearly as good as "Ghost World," which was great.
Some cameos were good, and they poked fun at plenty of art stereotypes, but it was all hung on a mystery framework that didn't really fly. It's worth seeing, since it's all about art and whatnot, and has this sneery ironic smartass tone -- which gets a little tiresome -- and works better in Dan Clowes actual comics than on the screen. This time, at least.


Now I want to get one of those fancy pen sets that come in dark wood box. My penmanship is terrible, but I want one anyway.

Too bad about "Art School Confidential", I was really looking forward to it. Rod bought me the comic which was hilarious, but I guess it wasn't quite enough to base 90 minutes on. Speaking of the comic, someone borrowed it but can't remember who now...


I've been scared of those pens for a long time, but now after seeing your gorgeous work....I might just try and delude myself I can draw with nibs. Let the ink blobs and smears begin!



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