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Nice work -- I love the death's head moth but it sort of scares me. The background really looks three - dimensional. What media did you use to make this?


Yeah, and I think I did better on the deal! The original is about 2/3 this size, isn't it? I can't remember; no, it's not in my hot little hands yet!
Gorgeous, Bonni, just gorgeous.


Thanks guys! It was a mixed process; a wrought iron (my new old "thing") design re-designed, xeroxed, then transferred on the box. The image isn't perfect and quite light, but that's what I wanted. Then I re-did the lineart and painted it. It's actual size.

I dunno, is it a painting or is it a craft? I've been trying to figure out a way to reproduce these mechanical things I've been doing lately. I've been combining hand drawn with old illustrations digitally, but also wanted to be able to make paintings out of them. Kipling's Deathshead is one of the ways I've come up with.


I don't think I wanna' draw no more...

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