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Yay! Manly Wade Wellman! But... them blasted Shonokins! What ARE they? They ain't exactly HUMAN...


Nice work, Kipling. Is it May already? I like all the dead people. Kudos to the recently departed Darren McGavin -- Kolchak on the the Night Stalker TV series -- we should all wear rumpled suits and a beat-up hat in his honor. Wait, I do already. Hat's off to cranky old Don Rickles, who somehow transformed a sweating, bald-headed, insulting creep into ...well, he stayed the same, you stupid hockey puck! And Joey Ramone, sweet gentle soul of the Ramones. Back in 1978 I got sent to interview the group by a small rag (actually, I begged for the job) and found them all nice except Johnny -- and Joey was the nicest, RIP. We drank Pepsis and talked. In spite of being the lead singer, he seemed painfully shy and awkward, and to this day I regret stealing his lunch money.


The only person on this month's calendar I've met is Wendy O Williams, at a Plasmatics show at CBGB's in September 1979; it was my first weekend in NYC (oh, the art school memories) and a couple of my roommates said, "Let's go!". Not sure how I even managed to get in the door, as I was a very young looking 17, but I ended up at the side of the stage and Wendy used my shoulder to hang on to getting on and off the stage. It was funny, because there she was, fierce in her clear plastic raincoat, black taped nipples, and pink ponytail (this was before the mohawk), and she just seemed like the sweetest woman. She asked me if I was ok; I guess I must have looked very young and lost, and not at all punk, and she was kinda being like a mom.
RIP Wendy.


Ooo... good stories guys, and a great month Kip! My addition? No one famous, but it was my mum's 84 birthday May 1st, that's right, May Day. She's still as beautiful and stubborn as ever.

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