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Oooooh! I LOVE this one.


Bob, quit makin' me look bad! I can't draw like this! Wah!

PS. MORE!!!!!!

PPS. How was the Friends of the Nib show?


Beautiful work Bob! Was this in the show?


Yeah, this was in the pen and ink show. I worked with a dip pen and nibs, and figured something medieval would be appropriate. Stolen in equal parts from Durer and Ernie Bushmiller, and a great book call "Will of the World" I just read about Elizabethan England and Shakespeare. It fits, somehow, in the darkly wooded pub where it watches over highwaymen and scooter gangs sipping dollar pabst blue ribbon. Some things never change!
Even bear-bating, a once popular "sport," where a chained bear is attacked by ravenous dogs, has merely changed forms. Just this past week a black bear was killed in the U District ( a block from my old house) after getting tranquilizer-darted and tasered by nervous Seattle policemen. Obviously lost, it had been strolling through the pizza boxes of frat row garbage bins when it was zapped.


Robert, I am absolutely IN LOVE with this drawing!!! Beautiful work!!!


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