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I feel his pain having recently stopped myself. (Bonni says "stopped" is a less loaded word than "quit.") You see, calling it his last cigarette is a recipe for disaster - a delicious recipe, yes, but still fixins for calamity. You see, it places quiet psychological pressures on the stressed out nic-nut, almost willing him to fail and leading to untold packs of "last cigarettes". A sense of self-loathing ensues quickly followed by a new and deadly fascination with sweet Lady H - heroin. You see, it's a slippery slope greased with good intentions and determination, but will surely lead him to an untimely and seedy death involving prostitutes, the Russian Mafia, and Chet Baker. You see? It's also a fact!

Miss Cellania

I wish him the best of luck. Its been three months for me. I found it helped NOT to make a big deal about it, no goodbyes or anything (just lots of Zyban and chocolate).

Sally Waxerton-McSuckerton

Wow, that makes me so not want to smoke. Lovely purple skin tones.... suck... suck... quit you suckas!


very that torchured look in his eyes. Was it indeed his last cig ever? hope so.

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