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Two Foot Tillie

It's hard to be shorter than all your friends. I feel his pain.


I think your dog is evolving into another species. Now you'll have to find him some pants.

Viper Tetsu

God, I love your dog. When is he starting college?

Colour Girl

That's a gorgeous trail you're "walking" on. Where are you?


That trail is on Tiger Mountain- it's all so dang pretty up there. We were on the Tradition Lake Trail I think. Only 15 minutes east from Seattle and it's just nature paradise, I tells you. Perfect place to practice two-legged dog walking.


As for the question about Otis starting college. Otis's father and I do not feel that an advanced education is so important to him in this young and handsome stage in his life, as he is making a sizeable income off pictures of himself licking his own wang. As for the pants, I feel that these two issues go hand in hand. Perhaps when his hot bod starts to sag, college and pants will be in order.


Sure, young and handsome is great for a dog but he should really start getting some basic education soon or risk being just another pretty face. Books on tape are good for a dog on the go. Working here on campus, pretty faces are a dime a dozen, but there are plenty of numbskulls because they started too late and never learned HOW to learn, so get busy. Besides, he'll never appreciate the subtleties of Proust, say, or the sublime world of Cezanne -- not mention develop some understanding of political reality on a global scale -- if all he does is sit around licking his own wang.

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