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A former freelancer

And the thing about the fries job is that there's health insurance, paid vacation, and probably a retirement plan (if one gets into management). I don't know about Vancouver, but in Seattle you have to pay for a license to be an artist, and you have to pay higher taxes as a self-employed person (with none of the aforementioned benefits). Which is why I discovered the wonderful world of University Secretary!


I'd like to discover the wonderful world of Vacation in Spain. I think that's the real problem.


I've been waiting over a year to get paid from some asshole clients who've told me they have "budget restrictions" and they ask "kindly" for my "patience". Meanwhile, they sip mojitos at their fancy nightclubs, wear Prada, and drive home to their bloated McMansion in Beverly Hills while avoiding getting any grime on their new Merecedes S-classes. I hate them.


I have another chestnut, once favoured by animation studios:

"I'm still waiting for my money."

"Oh, do you NEED it?"

What the Hell kind of question is that? No matter what answer you give, you lose. And only an artist would get asked this question, because it's okay to dick artists around - they like it.


People think that being an artist means you just LOVE making art so much, around the clock, that they don't need to pay you -- since your reward is having this talent to begin with. You're a free spirit, free to design their stupid logo. They KNOW the plumber is working for money, of course, but they think working on their stupid logo somehow satisfies an inate drive to make art. Wrong. Making their stupid logo is a job. For money. And yes, they COULD get their stupid nephew to design their stupid logo, but it would look like a design made by their stupid nephew.


What Bob said.

I remember actually hearing that a lot when I was younger; if I were to ask for more money (or any money at all, actually), the client would say something like, "yeah, but you'd be drawing this stuff anyway." Yes, somehow they were confident that I would be drawing something they specifically asked for - let's say an owl on a bike - all the live-long day, and of course loving it.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Me three. I remember back when I had my first gallery show, a guy liked my stuff but was complaining to me about my prices (which were very low, thanks---I was a kid!). He said, art should be free, because you love doing it.

Oh, so I should charge more if I hate the job?! I can do that. No probs.

Colour Girl

I get the "do you need it now?" question the most and usually it's because someone forgot to put it through to payroll and payroll won't be done for another 2 weeks, and you know, I just *hate* to put anyone out especially when I've only been given two days on a two week job.

I really do believe that one should be paid MORE if it's a rush job AND be paid ON TIME!!It makes it pretty obvious that all the hand-wringing "I'm sooo sorry about the rush, thank you, thank you, you're saving my ass, blah, blah" means nothing when they don't remember to hand your invoice over to the accountant once you're done.

Daddy Morebucks

I'd be commenting more on this thread if I weren't so busy counting all my Internet Money.

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