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Good One!

As hard as I try, I just can't seem to come up with anything for the "Snakes" series -damn!

Not Breider

Well, if you have a big atlas, there's Bahrain, Ukraine, Lake Pontchartrain...Sam came up with snakes on propane, so I gotta photograph that one for him.
You know what this is all leading up to, right? Snakes on a Bane. Oh hell, yeah. Longest joke set up in blog history. Now you know.


Snakes on Ian McShane
(getting it up the drain)

Kip doll, you know the movie scene I'm a-talking about.

If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium

I...never saw that movie, but I know of The Scene. Oh yes. Ian McShane...There's a scene in one of the Lovejoy shows where he's coming down a ladder, nakie...sigh...Ian McShane. Ian McShane. I need to be alone now. Damn you.


Oh, that snake series...Snakes again, the snake refrain, snakes remain, snakes on a shadey lane.

See, it has to sound like plane. I get it. Snakes in Bahrain. Snakes on a brain, cain, caine, cane, cayne, chain, cheyne, crain, craine, crane, crayne, dain, dane, dayne, drain, draine, drane, duan, duane, dwayne, fain, fane, fayne, feign, fein, frain, fraine, frane, frayn, frayne, frein, freyne, gain, grain, grein, hahne, hain, hane, hayn, hayne, heyn, heyne, jain, jane, jayne, kain, kaine, kane, kayne, krain, krane, krein, lain, laine, lane, layne, ln, main, maine, mane, mayne, meyn, paign, pain, paine, pane, payne, plain, quain, rain, raine, rayne, reign, rein, reine, sain, saine, sane, shain, shaine, shane, shayne, slain, slaine, slane, spain, splain, splaine, sprain, stain, strain, swain, swaine, swayne, thain, thaine, thane, thayne, train, trane, twain, vain, vane, vein, veyne, vrain, wain, wane, wayne, zane.
Or, snakes in an acid rain, ad campaign, anchor chain, aquitaine, ascertain, ball and chain, basal vein, bearing rein, candy cane, charles's wain, coastal plain, cotton strain, coup de main, cystic vein, daisy chain, discount chain, entertain, express train, facial vein, flower chain, gastric vein, giant cane, golden chain, golden rain, gravy train, inhumane, in the main, kahane, lafountain, lafountaine, lamontagne, lawyer cane, leading rein, liner train, lumbar vein, mark of cain, mary jane, mental strain, metric grain, mountain chain, nervous strain, noble cane, open chain, overtrain, portal vein, power train, preordain, quiche lorraine, railroad train, rattan cane, rectal vein, renal vein, retail chain, sales campaign, sewer main, spinal vein, splenic vein, st germain, st germaine, subway train, sugar cane, take in vain, thyroid vein, traffic lane, vortex vein, wagon train, water main, weather vane, whooping crane. alpine golden chain, capillary vein, capital of maine, capital of spain, common facial vein, deep cervical vein, deep temporal vein, eminent domain, emissary vein, frankfurt on the main, great cerebral vein, innominate vein, labyrinthine vein, laryngeal vein, mesenteric vein, metacarpal vein, middle thyroid vein, occipital vein, ovarian vein, pancreatic vein, petersburg campaign, poinsettia strain, pulmonary vein, testicular vein, umbilical vein, whispering campaign, wilderness campaign.

Wait, I forgot one...oh, never mind.

ain't a poet and I know it



Have we killed it? Sorry for being cranky, but somebody put orange juice in my orange juice this morning.

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