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I don't know why that kind of stuff simply doesnt exist in my country. I'd go off my way to see anything different, even if it's cheesy concrete dinosaurs. People here can't take care of anything. If it's a little town it's stinky and falling apart. If it's a big city it's stinky and everything is covered in ugly graffiti.


There were lots of dinos we didn't get snaps of; I want to go back! There was a dalmatian-painted dino in front of the fire house and one in horrid 80's colors (purple and teal) in front of a gas station I missed...

Crazy concrete dinosaurs are the best. Someone needs to do a glossy coffee table book on the subject. Especially since the whole Jurassic Park thing, all the new dinos are fiberglass and lurid and aggressive; there's something so charming about the old innaccurate concrete guys, with their lumpy bodies and funny dog-like expressions. Dinosaur Outsider Art, yes?

Arthur Pod

The dinos in these snaps used to be located at the old Prehistoric Park in the Newcastle (as in "bringing coal to...") section of Drumheller. They were dispersed throughout the town after the final owners of the Park decided to shut 'er down as a commercial venture.

I was told by my pals Ken and Sandy (who ran a used record/book store called T-Rex Records, near where the Tracodon is presently located) that, before the dinos were moved, there was an attempt to stage an outdoor rock concert on the land featuring some 90's version of Iron Butterfly! This never happened for some reason or other...

I love sneaking into the old site and gazing in wonder at the gigantic concrete Jesus that remains there. The last time I looked, a pteranodon guy was still perched on a hill top, and there were the busted-off feet of the Brontosaurus (who now looks like he's awaiting a watery grave at the hands of Drumheller mobsters near a 7-11, with those big concret shoes). There were also the somewhat macabre remains of a concrete caveman laying about inside a shed...

Hey look! There's a great page with loads of snaps and info:

Opal Binia

I love how Jesus is in there with the rest of the goofy concrete.


awwwww.... Drumheller... makes me think of being a kid again.

Hey, I'm thinking road trip!! First, another childhood fave -Barkerville and then Drumheller!

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