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Donna J. Sobol

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Crusty Pirate! I read that one!


Oh, kind of a "retro" thing, right?

Trevor Island

Hey man, it ain't retro when you're bein' keelhauled with a rope around your neck.

Dek Aawf

This is great! Is that you as a pirate? I can see you wandering around Calagry dressed like this, though it might be a little hard getting work as there's no port there.

Do you mind if I just sign it and put it in the Pirate Show coming up? I haven't done anything yet...

Cap'n Kidd

Avast, ye white-livered landlubbers, and prepare to be boarded! We're nasty pirates without regard to life, liberty, or low-brow convention! Jettison those tikis, give those art school hags a heave-ho, and run the Jolly Roger up the flagpole!


Oh yeah! Great books, all of 'em.

Viper Tetsu

Ah, Jupiter Jones...I hadn't thought of that name since Jimmy Carter was in office. Thanks fer the walk down memory lane--and the bitchin' piece.

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