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Iron Jeff

I love your kitchen studio! It's like a tiny version of Kitchen Stadium!

"What is the Secret Ingredient today, Fukui-san?"
"Today's Secret Ingredient is ALBINO JELLYFISH!"

Mmm...your art melts like little cloud bubbles in my mind...


Holy crap, what is that awesome french bulldog bat thing you are working on?? I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh crap, I didn't think you could see it that well. It's umm, nothing... not for you or anything... whoops....


Kamala, this is too weird. It looks just like you only smaller. Now it's 360, so how do I get you to turn around? Can I spin you like a top? Can I flip you head over heels? Or make cartwheels? You are completely still in my screen. The room has a strange perspective, but you are completely still with your hands on your knees, full stasis, a gnat trapped in amber. This thing doesn't work and I want my money back.


That comes next- the version where you can rotate the dog, myself, and the fridge all the way around so you can see all the furballs, panty lines, spider carcasses, waggy tails and dust bunnies that are behind us. Just wait.

Wee-Bone Talker

This technology frightens and confuses me.


Cooool. I'm trying to wrap my head around how the hell they do that! Is it magic? Are you magical?

I really dig your art pad too. Can I come over and play? I'll leave Weatherwax at home, I promise!


Actually, I think Smell-o-vision comes next.
Ah, another Lillet drinker. The clock/kitchen timer thing is pretty cool.

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