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Wee-Bone Talker

Kneel before Bob!


I get SO many comments on mine (he rides on the dash of our sweet bumpin pimp-mobile, as all Bob Ross heads should). It's indeed a unique conversation piece.

Madball McGee

I like how he's the same color as the dingle balls along the top of the windshield. I think we need a picture for the folks at home!


Always loved this mellow stoned soul dude, especially when he created snow-covered mountains with just a couple swipes of his palette knife. Cat had CONTROL. It was sad in his waning years, when his head was removed and replaced with a head of squeezy pastel foam. Then it took him three, four, maybe even five palette knife swipes to get a halfway decent Matterhorn. It was sad. Still, he had a lot of heart. And for that, I salute you, Mr. Ross!

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