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Cyclops Kitten Natividad

On the other hand I would be delighted with a Tricky Little Imp Toothbrush holder!

Miss Cellania

From your description, I cannot imagine Stephen being "uncomfortable" with anything!

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Oh, he is, he is. He's got a house full of boobalicious babes, in paintings, sculpture, engravings and photos...but there aren't a lot of big ole weiners to be seen. He's so darn het.


Art historians take note: This is a good place to discuss the role of symbolism in art, especially in regard to the Tricky Little Imp toothbrush holder. Look at it closely. What do you see? Exactly! After looking at this grinning sprite and his prodigious toothbrush you may feel your own dental tool is woefully inadequate. Actually, your own brush may be the same size (or even larger!) than the imp's but because he is so small, his brush looks huge.


I thought size was determined by the shoe size. Boy, was I wrong!

Where can I find me a Macedonian Mobile Soap Dish?


I love Stephen's house! Is it somehow weird of me (who rarely engages in this sort of behavior myself) to wonder how in the world he dusts all this stuff? I don't know about the Tricky Imp, though. I don't know if I could start every day with a serious feeling of inadequacy invading the morning ablutions. :)

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

I'm not so sure he spends a lot of time dusting. If you have dust, fur, or feather allergies the going can be a bit rough...and it's not weird at all, pretty much the reaction of everyone who goes in there (after HOLY CRAP!) is, how do you clean this?

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