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Oh man, you've just GOT to finish this piece! And really, I wouldn't have thought it wasn't finished. What's left on it?

I remember seeing a few sculptures of Damon's that Stephen said he did when he was fairly young. They blew me away! And coincidentally, I'm a big fan of Lane Smith too so it all comes around.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

As I recall (I haven't seen this in a couple of years) the kiwi on the plate, the saint's hair and cross, and the fez need some touching up.

Lane Smith is one of my favorite illustrators! OH it was so hard not to pocket little sketches of his bugs, and little models...Damon took us on a tour of what used to be Skellington Studios and was at the time Twitching Image (I think that's how it went); highlights included the Jack Skellington knobs on the kitchen cabinets, the little shrines made with leftovers from Nightmare Before Christmas (I got to squeeze one of the pumpkins from the opening sequence, they're kinda squishy) and meeting the guy who designed the models for those walking war machines from Star Wars. The costume shop, the sets, the model makers' office...3 hours of insanity!


Why are all tours 3 hours?

Was this before Disney got their claws into the production once it was practically done? Story has it that Disney had nothing to do with it until the end of production and once they saw how it looked, decided to keep Burton to a previous contract -meaning anything he created until a certain date, belonged to Disney.


I love the big dog head with the granny hat. That is priceless. Or is it? The colors are gorgeous, and everything blends together like twilight in Vermont. I also like Theda Bara, which does not mean Teddy Bear in Ukranian, as most people assume, but is just a simpler version of her real name, Theodosia Burr Goodman.


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