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Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Argh! The hamster story! I always think of it now when I'm in the Sci Fi room! Darn you Bonni.

This piece is so amazing; was it egg tempera or oil? I forget.


That was fast! Yes, it's egg tempera.

I wonder if he ever found that rat?

Party Johnson

For some reason, this piece reminds me of a few booze-filled, bleary-eyed nights whilst partaking in the Bonni and Rod Experience...


Hey, Johnson - Woooo! I trust you meant that in a good way. Otherwise why have we been holding back? Maybe it's time to let it all hang way, way out. But you have to bring your own antlers and pantyhose. House rules. Wooo!

Party Johnson

And the pig masks?


Pig masks galore!!

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