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Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Party at Kamala's house!!!!!!


I am so completely jealous. A garden too?? Lot's of trees?? Wah! Wah! - I wanna live there!


Hey, KDK,
Portland? What part of PFX are you moving to? I spent my formative years there being raised by friendly wolves in the barren wastes of the Max line. Now the apple orchards and brambles have been overtaken by strip malls, Dairy Queens, and rowhouses that look like army barracks.
Still, there are many wondrous things in the area and I love visiting the place -- hanging at powell's, hitting jackpot records, or making a quick trip to the beach just 70 miles away, where they still have taffy and corndogs and bumpercars.


"East Cully" is the neighborhood, I believe. NE. We didn't exactly 'mean' to buy something there, it just happened. I don't reallly know nothin about it but our street seems fine and neighbors good and it's chill. It's about 300 feet from the Sacajawea School. The dude who was born & raised across the street from our place (he still lives there) said that that spot was where Lewis, Clark and Sacajawea camped on their way out West. So, historical, I reckon. And we can't see none o them strip malls from our place, although you don't gotta go far! Oh yeah, I'm too excited about the cheap trashy thriftin' in old Oregon. And we don't gotta pump our gas no more!


Sounds fantastic, K. I love that area, nice houses and tree-lined streets. Your place looks cool. Portland has a great feel to it, not as slick as Seattle and full of friendly folks and great food and bookstores and coffeeshops. Great buses, the Max train, and a big city library. Good music scene. Eat some gumbo at Bistro Montage, or Indian food at the Bombay Cricket Club where they mix a strong Mango Lasse. You will love it.

My comments about strip malls and all that are mostly out in the suburbs, a long ways away from PDX, where the country has turned into tract home communities that look like a computer chip. Very appropriate, since that's where Intel, Floating Points, and Tektronix do their micro work.


I guess it'll have to do even though it's not near Kingsley park.

I feel a deep gravitational pull towards Portland... maybe I can get transfered...


Hey Kamala, we miss you up here already.

Josh and I saw this when we were in LA and wanted to get it for you:
I assure you, if we had the $$ for Humphrey the Humping Dog we would have brought home more than justs a picture!!!

Randolph Coleson

I like how you described your house! Funky, right? Well, it's better to call it vintage. The collage you made is also cool! The dog must be its keeper, hehe!

Darius Degross

Sounds like a pretty awesome space! Gardening is good... you can spend a lot of time turning a garden into something very beautiful. Well, buying a new house is an exciting move. It's a big step towards a new adventure in life, so good luck and have fun!

Genny Stutesman

How did you find that house? It looks like a beautiful place to live in! The dog seems to like it very much! :D I love the exterior paint… Was it that way when you first saw it, or have you renovated it?

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