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Miss Cellania

I wonder how many of these they will sell. For those who change decor with the seasons, its an example of conspicuous consumption. I'm sure there are those who would do a room like this year-round, but how many? I mean, how many who don't mind the polyester?

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Yeah, see, I'd totally buy this if not for the polyester, because I do my house in Early Halloween year 'round.
There are probably people who do their houses in Christmas or Easter or Groundhog's Day all year 'round, but I'm afraid of those people.


Me too! Me too! I say this as I drink tea out of my Halloween mug all year and have skeleton's decorating my apartment. But whole the reason why it's part poly, it's so they can make it cheaper for those who change with the seasons -unlike us.

Makes me think of looking in some fabric places (they usually have tons of stuff for each season) and see if there might be a chance of 100% cotton. Also, don't forget Michael's!

WAH! WAH! I want it all!

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Damn you, B Reid.
I raise the ante with the FABULOUS FRANKIE LAMP:

Not available in Canada, natch. I gotta take another trip to Montana...


God, how I miss the days of flammable Halloween gear!


Hey, kids still catch on fire same as they always did!

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