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Cyclops Kitten Natividad

As always, genius, Mr. Rini! That nose is wicked mental!

I didn't see the movie, but read the book...never before have I seen so many obvious clues to a "who cares" mystery in one neat package. People need to get out more, serious.

Tom Hanks is probably a lovely man, but I've always been disturbed by him on the big screen, because the corners of his mouth always seem wet. He's ok on a TV though. A small screen TV.

Miss Cellania

Clever! And a great drawing. Excuse me, I have to go blow my nose.


Mr. Rini!

An excellent and inspiring illustration. Thanks for sharing.


I'm still waiting for a big shot Hollywood producer to call and option the concept. I think this could catch on. I picture nig box office receipts, serious study groups, and product tie-ins (say, McDonalds giving tiny Leonardos with a happy meal). And lots of merch: T-shirts, tote-bags.

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