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Lindsay Lookoutbelowhan

For exactly the same reasons I outline here:
artists are running around without underwear, just like starlets. A lack of funds contributes to a sticky seat, my friends. It's a sad thing indeed.

Prank Sinatra

I need to update my look. I prefer lounging around my loft in a black beret, painting with a cigarette holder-- but munching on a block of heroin is also cool. I'll be elephantly waisted, I mean elegantly wasted. Get that bored jaded look. Are tattooes over yet? I could probably get some cheap, on my ass. Smoke "American Spirit" cigarettes and drink PBR. Develop ironic musical tastes. Go down to Sonic Boom and buy the lifework of some downtrodden hillbilly sharecropper who is so square he's cool.

Oh, hey, does anybody know where I can get one of those baseball caps with the bill on the back?

Wee-Bone Talker

Quit staring at my tats!


"black beret", "elephantly waisted", "Smoke "American Spirit" cigarettes", "ironic musical tastes"

Uh, oh...


I am not my hair.

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