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I want to be "The Duke of Doodling" - please?

The Sovereign of Scribbles

Go for it.


Can I be "The Lady of Nantucket"? I know it's not art related but I can't really get away with "Sir Surreal".


I wanna be the High Priest of Half-Ass!

The Pompatus of the Pencil

Gol-dang it,

The Kaiser of Kustom Kulture

I really love

The Imperator of Ink

Making up dumbass names (with a little help from

The Count of Quite Crummy

I am not amused by your silly name games.

The Duke of Dumb-ass Hicks

All hail the Lord of Low Brow!

And His minions!


Alright, I am closing the comments on this one because every fricking day I have to delete a spam ad from this one particular post. Kee-riminy.

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