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Rod F.

For years here in B.C. I have gotten used to the government constantly extolling the blistering heat of our "red hot" economy. They seem particularly interested in hyping our inferno-esque real estate market. None of this could possibly be overstatement or outright manufacturing of the facts. They just don't do that kind of thing. I mean, what could possibly be in it for a bunch of hard-working politicians who just happen to be former developers, former real estate agents, and former contractors?


And just think, you've got that whole Olympics mess to look forward to.

Now if they'd just outlaw the purchase of Hummers...

via Fark:

You piddle, you pay Public urination, spitting could net fines of up to $300 in Calgary
By The Canadian Press

CALGARY — Bad behaviour like urinating and spitting in public and even putting your feet up on a public bench won’t be tolerated under a new proposal up for debate next week by Calgary city council.
In an attempt to protect the public’s perception of Calgary as a safe city, civic officials have developed a series of fines ranging from $50 for carrying a knife to $300 for urinating in public.
"As our population hit a million, we were getting more and more people who seem to feel they can do whatever they want," said Ald. Craig Burrows, one of the supporters of the initiative.

link to entire article:

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