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That would be my idea of heaven, too. Thank you.

John Salmon

I was in the pet store today spending a silly amount of time playing with the kittens. I didn't buy one, but maybe there will be so many in Heaven I can just wait and get one free. Could I borrow this image for my site (linking back to you of course, but hosted on blogspot)? I always think of Heaven as being full of gardens so this fits my image pretty well.


Sure! Just say something nice about me, cuz I live for that.
This was done for a show at Roq la Rue ("Heaven and Hell"); I spend so much time drawing devils I figured I'd do Heaven for a change. All those cats are actually cats I've had, and the Emerald City is in the background. Plus, lava lamps are growing in the garden because you can never have too many lava lamps.


Knowing that the kitties are real made this image even more special. I shared the URL with a good friend, and his comment was "Awwww...think of all the litter boxes! Or do the kitties in heaven come with little corks?"

It's a gorgeous picture. Every time I look at it, I see new detail I didn't see before.


Where do you think dust under the bed comes from? It's ghost poo! Although I like your friend's cork theory...


I so love this!

Anna Liisa

Is this one available as a print still? I know Ernie the Wondercat is waiting for me in the afterlife...


Aww..I know doggies are there, too. And parakeets. I love this beautiful picture! The lava lamps are a fun touch..


What a beautiful thought.

Tina Vaziri

Wonderful idea! I'd love to go to kitty heaven and hang out! Love your painting style and all the detail!

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