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Harley Working

Don't feel too bad, we have Bigfoot in Canada as well.

OK, feel bad, there's no Toad Suck. We've got Dildo and Spuzzum, though.

This should be a poster.


Ah memories...I coulda sold that sucker a zillion times over...

John Salmon

Nicely done.

But you forgot South Street in Philadelphia.

barfious barbovillian

I'm very glad you finally posted this!!!
I've seen it in person and it's gorgeous.
Too bad those seattlites were too blind to buy it.
I love this one.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Well, to be fair to the seattleites, it never was for sale, cuz even just paying myself minimum wage it would have had to retail for around 5 grand and I ain't Ryden. Kudos to Kirsten for putting up with the "NFS" tag.

Deaf "Skunk" Bastard

I'm glad those Seattlites were too blind to buy it, 'cuz we've got the original hanging in the kitchen!


What fun! Arkansas doesn't boast the only "Toad Suck," though...the small town where I grew up in Texas used to be called "Toad Suck" back in the 1800s before it gained its present name: Collinsville.

And please tell me it's not just happy coincidence that Liquid Paper is right next to The Monkees? :)


Nope. That there is a wee joke. There are a few of them in there...all those darned little favorite for sheer "screw this, I can't draw it anyway" is the "watch your step" panel, which represents the Grand Canyon. I mean seriously, YOU try and paint the Grand Canyon in a one inch square. Can't be done.


Although now watch Filbrandt do it, just to show me up.

Miss Cellania

Heh heh. Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is not far from Hell Fer Certain, Kentucky

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