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I'd go if it wasn't snowing and if I didn't live 800 miles away. You are and will always remain one of my very favorite artists.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Hey, can you steal one of Jim Woodring's scribbles for me? Does he have scribbles? Is he like Charles Burns, where everything comes out flawlessly perfect, first shot?
I would put it with my Robert Crumb autographed Archie McPhee business card!


The comics jam was a huge success -- lots of busy art elves dipping nibs in inkpots and "making zee magique happen!" Check out the Fantagraphics Blog for a YouTube flick and a link to some pictures of Friends of the Nib. Collect them all! And next time you're in Georgetown (Washington, that is; a neighborhood of Seattle) be sure to stop by and say hello to Larry.

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