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This is brilliant. I got to be involved in a cartoon jam with the Hernandez Bros. a mess of years ago that I wish I had a copy of. Although, as I recall, it wasn't quite as coherent as this...


I'm seeing some Woodring there...who else was in on this?


That's Jim Woodring, Tom Dougherty, Mark Campos, David Lasky, Scott Faulkner, Wax Moodring...It was a lot of fun and we did a few even more ambitiously that should be popping your way soon. We jammed at the Fantagraphics place surrounded by forests of comics.

David Lasky

This is probably my favorite comic ever. I was not lucky enough to have jammed on "Robot Prison". I can add the name Noel Franklin though -- she did the "trippy" panel towards the end.



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