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Bob R

That was a lot of fun, and I was so happy to see some Deadly Sinners finally meeting Friends of the Nib at the hideout/clubhouse. Seven Friendly Sinners? The Deadly Nib? You betcha!
Those Wednesdays at the cafe are the heart of my week. I look forward to them so much. When we first conceived of Friends of the Nib about a year and a half ago, on the heels of a cartoon show I was in at the Sessions Gallery with David Laskey and Peter Bagge, we had no idea it would turn into such a cool regular thing. Jim Woodring and I were devouring spider rolls in a nearly empty sushi bar, thinking out loud. Wouldn't it be cool, if artists could just hang out together and sketch? Remember that community of artists you imagined as a youngster, maybe Paris in the old days, where people would meet up? Just artists emerging from their scattered hovels to ruminate and make art around a big wooden table. A port in the storm.
Now it's real, and in spite of the talent involved there is very little ego bullshit and mostly just mutual respect and honest elbow grease and, of course, ink.
Come and visit us!


What was also cool is that it wasn't media restricted; there was an oil painter and someone working on a laptop there. No berets though...where were the berets?


Friends of the Nib is hereby invited to visit San Francisco. The Museum of Cartoon Art is here - come on, you know you want to visit.
How did the beautiful art of Scott Musgrove escape me? HOOOWWWW!?!?!? I've added his link to Gallery of the Absurd.
I would faint if I met Jim Woodring, or at the very least I would be overcome with the vapors. I'm a Southern Belle, so I'm allowed to do that sort of thing.



great to see you! im psyched to learn about this ossum blog :)


Man, it sounds like I missed out. Erin, you never knew about Scott Mucgrove's art? Bizarre. Some of his creatures remind me of Ziggy.. Good shit. When shall we ALL be in one place? Maybe an SF meeting...?

Bob R

It was also great having six out of seven deadly sinners meet up this past weekend in Seattle -- sorry you missed us, Erin! We were actually all in one room for nearly ten minutes, long enough for me to have three drinks. It was magical.

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