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If I got anywhere near that dog I'd not be able to stop myself from grabbing it's fuzzy wrinkly lips and shaking the life out of it; it's just that damn cute.


Yes, but it’s a Chow Chow, and it would not appreciate you grabbing its lips. Trust me.


What an adorable Chow Chow!
I have one of these dogs. They have a reputation for being fierce, but mine is a big baby. He loves any attention he can get. His favorite part of walking in the park is all the kids coming up to him and giving him hugs. hehe.

Miss Cellania

That look just like my MIL's dog, who is half Chow Chow (in other words, he's a Chow). Except she recently had him clipped all over, so I didn't even recognize him.

Sam Jones

This is a real live animal? I wouldn't have known unless I read the info. on him/her.

Steven learmont

I want this lion dog so much, please can someone tell me the breed and where I could find one in the uk
Glasgow lion dog lover


It looks very much like a chow or a chow cross..

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