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Oooooooooooh that SUCKS!!!!!! Shit, I feel your pain. We have some basement leakage but not that bad, and I know what a freak out it causes when it rains like mad. Shit. Sorry. At least you do have those frog boots to brighten things a little bit. Shit.


Crap! On a brighter note, it's kinda West Coast like. How's it going now??

Sump Pump Sally

We have 3 rooms to tear carpet out of, and we're almost done the biggest one. 3 rooms full of bookshelves and records which are heavy and must be moved before we can move the bookshelves. It's all going into the 4th room, in plastic bins, because that room "seeps" during rainstorms, and there's more rain expected. We have to start the pump up every 2 hours (which is better than having it on ALL the time, so the water is slowing down) but it means you have to get up every 2 hours all night to babysit the thing, too. Did I mention we both start new jobs on Monday so we won't have time for this 3 days from now?

I HATE carpeting. Who carpets a basement?! What the hell?

It's a fucking mini Katrina here, I tell you. Where's my FEMA trailer?


At least you have reptiles for feet, otherwise you'd be screwed.

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