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I would like to think I looked like that girl...about 20 years ago. Damn.

Miss Cellania

If it's set in the future, isn't the title a bit misleading?


Ah, but you don't know the dark workings of the brain of Mr. Miller...I mean, I don't either, but I've learned not to ask.


Rini, Miller and Avitt working together? It's about damn time the geniuses united.

Bob R.

I was going to make a joke that it's called "Love in the Year 2000" because we're running behind schedule, but that's not true. I didn't have the heart to tell David Miller about this typo because he worked so hard on the script. Hopefully, he'll catch it in pre-production.


Or maybe Mr. Miller worships a Different God than the one the "2007" is in reference to. With Mr. Miller it could be anything, really.
I can't believe he hasn't ego-surfed over here yet, by the way. Must be on vacation.

Bob R.

Maybe he's a lurker. You out there, Miller?

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