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Wow. That guy is a walking does he not crack up whenever he looks in the mirror?

frozen charlotte

i wish *I* had my own gallery. who finances these things? ;)

Olive Art

For only $1500 (obo) you can buy a "limited edition Michael Godard painting" on craigslist! (click the link)

I like how the wikipedia entry on this guy is flagged "This article is written like an advertisement" and "The neutrality of this article is disputed."


Gosh, I never knew this guy existed until I saw this posting! Who knew you could get more banal than Thomas Kincaid and with an even narrower focus. I would have never assumed that anthropomorphized martini olives could actually account for success even in this country! Yeah, that hack Wikipedia entry was either written by the “Rock Star of the Art World” himself or one of his eyeliner application specialists. Ugh, sometimes I hate being informed!


I ... I mean...I just don't know what to say. I feel violated in some strange way by looking at that...that..."art". Completely ghastly. The copy is magnificent though. Geeeeeez.


I went in there once and they tried to wow me with a velvet blacklight painting. We sat in the dark and looked at this I was like, hello, am I 16 and in my teenage boyfriend's mom's basement again?


Wow. I'd never heard of him before either, but I HAD to see his official site and, lo and behold...

"He looks like a tattooed outlaw and runs with the bad boys."

His site also asks, "Who would have guessed that America was hungry for fine art featuring olives, grapes and strawberries with human characteristics?"

Luc Latulippe

One down...


Wuh wuh wuhhhh... WOW. I never heard of this dude until this posting, either. But now that I know of him and his amazing art, my mind is fully blown. Holy crap. My favorite description of one of his fabulous martini paintings is: "This image has the lucky olive that found the magic lantern. The olive rubs the lantern and a genie appears, he gets 3 wishes, find a hot olive girl, be invited to the olive party this year and to be filthy rich. Doesn't that sound good!"

Holy shit.

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