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Miss Cellania

I laughed out loud! Normally, I'd be all for "leave this family alone, it's their business," but the Duggers shop their story all over, smiling those alien plastic smiles, in order to get donations for their household expenses. They'll put up with any abuse for cash. Yeah, people used to have this many kids all the time, before reliable birth control BUT those old folks with so many siblings remember their childhoods and say it's much better the way most families do it now.


It was interesting doing research for this. Ok, I'm as childfree as they come, but the sheer nastiness thrown this woman's way (comments on her ugliness, her hair style, her clothes) are just...sad. I don't agree at ALL with the way they live their lives, but where's the nastiness toward the father? He's at least 50% responsible for making all those kids. And for the record, I think she's quite pleasant looking.

That said, they have made themselves fair game with the TV show and the website and the politics and the handouts and the religious tax shelters. I am mocking the whole idea of promoting ridiculously huge families as a good thing...even ridiculously huge families that happen without fert drugs.


Thank you for adding the J. I love all the other details, but the J calls out what I feel is the freakiest about them...all those damn kids with names starting with J.

As for Jim Bob, I'll take care of him soon. Mwaaaaaaahahaha!

I love this one Kipling.


Well Done.

Stanley Ipkiss

kook Christians 18 kook muslims ? When will these stupid religious cults end?!

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