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Son of a bitch! That nurse and foot painting is my second all time favorite Bonni painting ever! (the one in Rod's place is number one, and number 3 hangs in my bedroom).

FANTASTIC art, Miz Reid, I wish we could attend the festivities in LA with you. I figure you need at least one pudgy pale un-inked brunette there to balance out all the blondies...darn this "working for a living" thing.

PS. Open invitation to come to Cow Town and draw plants. The Conservatory is going down September 3 so it's a limited time offer.

Rod F.

I'm getting my tiny cowboy hat tattooed with a koi fish that is also wearing a tiny cowboy hat.


Awesome! I only now saw this. So in 2 weeks when I go to LA I am checkin this shit OUT! Congratulations!

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