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Cute story. I'm not finished yet but from the start I'm having fun already. Well done.


Holy crap Kip! That's terrible! Now if it were drowning some of those kids in the outhouse I could see it... little shits. And the so called adults were assholes.

Yeah, I swore even!

Beautiful work as always Kips.


Yeah, it was interesting. When you're a kid everything is weird so you just kind of accept it, but I do remember being mad that my mother said what she did and also that some of the *adults* were the meanest ones to me about the whole thing...even afterwards.

Childhood isn't something I'd ever willingly inflict on anyone.

Jack Ruttan

Very Lynda Barry-esque. But that's a good thing!

As a very little one, I got in trouble like that when I was seen playing with a toy that looked exactly like a toy this neighbour girl had lost. Followed by a gang of outraged parents and others, I had to find the other toy, which I managed to do. I think they were a little mollified, though. Yep, childhood is rough.

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I've just become a foster carer for an animal shelter - that means I take home kittens to care for them until they're old enough to be adopted out. I pick up a litter (5) tomorrow. They're four weeks old and their mom has abandoned them :( I'll be looking after them for three weeks.

The animal shelter will talk me through it but I was wondering if anyone else had any advice they could give?

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