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As a fan of vintage 'kets' (our family word for rubbishy - trashy - junky additive-laden cavity-pulling ADHD-inducing goodness (ha!) I was intrigued by the Bullseyes, but as a Brit...well, no I do not know what you mean, mainly because I do not know the brand name or whatever.
But I doknot what you mean if you mean these are the creme de la artificial creme of absolute trash and with a name to match?
My favourites, which may or may not be availablein the US, are Mojos (liquorice-flavoured chews, coconut tobacco,Bazooka Joe gum,Cola bottles,cola cubes, sour plums(aka Cats' Bum Sweets because they are sour and make your mouth pucker) and Midget Gems. I also love those Hershey peanut butter filled chocolate cup things, which - yaaaay! - are sold in a local department store, along with Froot Loops, chex,Kix and other overpriced (to us) American imports. I dont like Hershey chocolate bars though, as we are half Dutch and used to loverly Belgian,Dutch and Swiss chocolate, and the UK has its own reallygood chocky these days, amazinglyenough, all thanks to the boom in Fair Trade.


Otter, honey. Google "goatse". It has nothing to do with candy, and it may scar you for life, so do consider yourself warned. Once you have Known the Goatse, you will understand Kamala's fiendish glee with regard to this candy.

PS. I'm loving "Cat's Bum Sweets", by the way. Must have.

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