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Terrific poster. Love the vulture. We have lots of them around here.


Do you have Large Dead Things in your backyard?!

Eric Reanimator

I would so love to be there.... any chance of a recording, set list, anything?


We're gonna go in and record over the winter after we've worked up a few more new tunes.


No large dead things in my yard, but I do have a huge groundhog that is living under my shed.

You should add the link to the video they have in the Marquee Room site. I'm listening to it now. Great tune.


Ah, Butcher Maker Undertaker, I've been bugging Phibes to play that one with FD for YEARS. One of my favorites!


NICE job Kip! Love it!

Eric Blair

I'm really psyched to hear what comes of this! Butcher, Maker, Undertaker has always been one of the standouts on Widow's Walk.

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