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Wow, looks like a great show. They've got some heavy hitters there.


I shared both these enertis on my Facebook, which yielded the following comments: "There's just not much animosity from my perspective as a midwestern boy, both cities are infinitely cooler than anywhere in Ohio. There's no point in sharing an inferiority complex when both are awesome, you know?"And my favorite:"Finally people will stop with "Seattle. Like where grunge is from?" and make fun of Portland for a while. We're very busy up here in Junior Vancouver BC being pretentious and driving our priuses over kids in skinny jeans on fixies.We've got... Soccer fans. They've got soccer fans.We've got Coffee. They've got Microbrews.Neither one of us can seem to conquer Passive Aggressive note leaving or absurdly unfriendly politeness.All in all, I don't see how this isn't the greatest corner of the world ever."

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