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Sounds like you definitely know the job. Since you wkerod for them 10 years ago you should know if they pay well or if they don't. To calculate what you should earn, take what you earn now hourly and figure out how long it will take you to do the 40 48 pages of proofreading, then times that by what an hourly rate should be now.Ex.: normal pay = 12.00 per hour, (40-48 pages of reading takes 2.5 hours) so: 12.00 x 2.5 = 30.00, then set a standard to get paid by, for them ahead of time.Ex:Based on the above calcs. I will do the normal 40-48 pages for 30.00 if delivery to and from is covered by the company. I will require a minimum of being paid @ X jobs per week.Let's say they only have 1 job per week for you it may not be worth it to you to bother at the above calculations for just the one job. You need to make it worth your while. So tell them, based on above numbers, that you can do just one job a week but your minimum will always be X, regardless of doing 1 or 5. So if you do one job and you set the minimum of 150.00 per week it will then be worth it to you, hence they will probable send you 5 (30.00 per job x 5 = 150.00), but if they can only send you 2 it will still be worth it to mess with at all. A minimum should be something you establish ahead of time and also the hourly and make sure the costs are covered so you don't have to pay to pick up or deliver the copies for your Reading.

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