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Oh Dear - when I first glimpsed this I thought it was a Goatse mug!


Girl Goatse of a very vintage sort!


Can we see the baby Cthulhus mug? Although this one is fabulous. Are they made by the same artist? Thanks for the wikipedia link. I love that the Sheela na gigs are found mainly in churches.

A baby squid mug would be cute too. That got me searching for a squid mug for Alan. No luck yet, but found this totally unrelated item that I thought you would like to see if you hadn't before.


Ha ha, I got one of these Krampus stockings before Christmas, at a local candy store, of all places. It's pretty sweeeet.
This IS the baby Cthulhu mug, for I have decreed it!

They're a little spendy, around $25, but well worth it. I'll have to back to get the artist's name, and credit them.

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