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I would bet that kids were sleeping togehter or not sleeping as the case may be before the kids got pregnant. I think that teaching obedience out of love and respect would make more sense than coming down on them after the fact. I think teen pregnancy has lot more to do with hormones than sin. I know premarital sex is a sin but so is swearing, drunkeness, gluttony and many more, it just does not produce a baby ok drunkeness mught have some to do with it sometimes but still Jesus used grace and love much more often than the whip.


Thanks for sharing!

Marc talbot

Hi, I k now this is a very long shot, but he goes....I just did a web search of 'Blondie badge images' and a picture you have postd from 2007 ( i did say a long shot) shows a whole bunch of pins with 4 blondie in you still have them? I'm a Blondie badge/button/pin collector and have far.. and don't have 3 of the ones in your picture......thanks, Marc


Yeah, they're floating around somewhere. I bought them in NYC in the autumn of 1979 I think...or maybe in York Beach, Maine a year earlier or later. And I still love Blondie!

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